Acupuncture & Muscle Release

Dry Needling

This treatment is not for everyone. It is a way to release tight muscle, adhesions and scar tissue. It works best to decrease myofascial pain, improve range of movement and decrease tightness. It can change muscle, soft tissue and connective tissue that has been tight or thickened for years after the original injury or surgery.

GTT money back guarantee for "first time clients".

If I can not " improve" your symptoms (pain or movement) in three treatments I will refund 50% of your treatment cost. (During the initial assessment it will be determined if the money back guarantee is applicable. )

Who benefits from it?

This treatment is effective for treating chronic pain due to injury or post surgical complications. When we have an injury or surgery, muscles and soft tissues can be damaged and tighten. When soft tissue and muscle tighten blood circulation is decreased and pressure is put on the nerves so we feel pain. GTT Dry Needling breaks down the tissue and releases the pressure which relieves the pain.

How does it work?

With GTT Dry needling, the use of the plunger allows the needle to be inserted in and out quickly resulting in the muscle and soft tissue releasing. This allows the blood to flow freely in the area and the pressure of the nerve is released. This results in decreased pain and faster healing.